What Exercises Make Your Heart Rate Go Up

We all need to exercise on a daily basis in order to keep our body healthy, but unfortunately only a very low percentage of people are actually exercising daily. Of course, even if you exercise two or three times per week is quite good, but you don’t want to be that person who never gets up from their chair. There are many reasons why exercising is a good thing, first of all, it will prevent you from gaining a lot of extra weight. If you are exercising, you can eat unhealthy food and you won’t get fat that easy, but it is still not recommended to consume a lot of unhealthy food.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to have a good heart, and that can be easily achieved. You have to stay away from food that has high levels of fat and you have to do exercises to increase heart rate. If you don’t know this by now, your heart is a big muscle that is constantly working and just like any other muscle if you want to keep it in good shape you have to exercise it. The only way you can exercise your heart is to increase the heart rate. Here are some of the best exercises for increasing the heart rate.


All of these exercises are called cardio exercises because they are all focusing on the cardiovascular system in your body. As you can see the first exercise is running and it is an exercise that won’t necessarily build a lot of muscle mass, but it will train your heart and that is exactly what you want. I believe that running is one of the best exercises for your heart because once you start running, your big muscles in your legs will need fresh blood full of oxygen and your heart rate will have to go up.

You can go running anywhere you want, you can go to a gym and run on treadmills if you like or if the outside weather is cold, or you can go outside for a run. Of course, I suggest that you go for a run outside, maybe in some part that is nearby because nothing is better than fresh air. The cleaner the air, the more you will be able to run because it will be full of oxygen and that is what your muscles and heart need the most while running.


SwimmingSome people don’t realize this, but swimming is actually a very good exercise for your heart and your entire body. While in the water, most of your muscles will need to work in order to keep you above the water. If you don’t know how to swim, this is the perfect time to learn, go to a local swimming pool and get some classes. Your heart rate will most definitely go up once you start swimming, especially if you go on long distances. Also, all the other muscles in your body will get a proper workout.